Patanjali Ujjwal Detergent Powder

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  • Washing clothes with safety for skin
  • best for cleaning clothes
  • Best detergent powder
  • Patanjali detergent powder

Product Description

Detergent powder and cakes (with herbal contents). Washing clothes with safety for skin. Divya Pharmacy / Patanjali Ayurveda prepares high-quality detergent powder and cakes, having mix of herbals at very low price. It not only cleans cloths but also keep the skin safe. It also removes stench of the body due to the herbs used in the product and also keeps various skin diseases at bay. It is a special product of Patanjali for washing cloths and safety to your hands. This detergent powder is prepared along with the herbs like lime and `neem`, which brings shining to the cloths. Its ingredients do not contain harmful chemicals and hence, it gives security to the skin, besides the clothes.

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Weight 2 kg


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